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In the interest of ease of installation, saving time and the prevention of energy loss, we have developed a distinctive connection system for HVAC installations. The air tightness of this standardised CONNECTDEC system is excellent due to the construction and the rubber ring. This results in minimal leakage, which saves energy.



The Wrapdec consists of a range of preformed insulation jackets for round or rectangular air ducts or connectors.

Make your choice with DEC International's Extensive Product Range

Make your choice with DEC International’s Extensive Product Range

DEC International boasts a diverse product range featuring over 1000 unique items, categorized into 12 distinct product groups. Navigate through our extensive selection with ease by exploring our product groups below to find the precise technical specifications for each item.

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At DEC International, our dedication to innovation drives us to constantly push the boundaries of product development. We pride ourselves on our ability to conceptualize, design, and engineer state-of-the-art solutions tailored to the evolving needs of our clients.

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Our portfolio of developed solutions encompasses a diverse range of industries and applications. From advanced technological innovations to operational process optimizations, each solution is crafted with precision and expertise to deliver maximum value and performance.

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Explore some of our featured solutions below to discover the breadth and depth of our development capabilities. Whether you're seeking groundbreaking innovations or tailored solutions to optimize your operations, DEC International is your trusted partner for driving growth and success.